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Billy Peek is back

Reserved seating $45 pre-paid per person.  $25 to be applied to that night’s check.  Due to social distancing, there are only 60 reserved seats available.  Call 314-968-0061 during normal business hours to make reservations. 

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Hwy 61 Roadhouse’s Bill Kunz on Longevity in the Restaurant Industry

Riverfront Times spent some time getting to know our owner, Bill Kunz…and you can too!

Gulf Coast Seafood Treasures

Hwy 61 featured in Gazelle Magazine article.

11 Irresistible Restaurants That Define Missouri

Try The Food Guy Fieri Featuredon Triple D - DDD Sampler

Here are 11 restaurants that are just so quintessentially Missouri, that out-of-town visitors should just skip the souvenir and add one of these dining experiences as a takeaway. Hwy 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen comes in at #3! Click here to read the article.